Encefalomielitis aguda diseminada por Mycoplasma pneumoniae en un niño previamente sano

Cadario, María Estela; Ellis, Alejandro; Garea, Mónica; Cairnie, Antonio; Mistchenko, Alicia; García Roig, Cristian; Freire, María Cecilia; Savy, Vilma; Sciarrotta, Juan Antonio.
Rev Argent Microbiol; 2018 Sep 17.


We present here the case of a previously healthy 5 year-old boy hospitalized in an intensive care unit due to tonic-clonic seizures focused on the face and right side of the body, and axillary temperature of 37.4°C. Common bacterial and viral etiology was ruled out through studies of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples. Mycoplasma pneumoniae was suspected by a positive immunofluorescence serum test for IgM class antibodies. Finally, with a brain biopsy, M. pneumoniae was confirmed by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and acute disseminated encephalomyelitis by pathological anatomy. The patient was treated with clarithromycin and had an uneventful evolution. At least to our knowledge, this is the first case in which M. pneumoniae DNA was detected by PCR in a brain biopsy.

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